Conversion rate tends to be used as a KPI for ecommerce and other types of websites. It has it’s limitations, but it can also be a powerful metric to help increase revenue. Therefore, improving the conversion rate of your website or mobile app may be important for your business.

If you’re reading this, you probably know already how CR is calculated:
Conversion rate = Number of sales/ number of visits

In other words, there can be more sales but less traffic, which will typically result in higher conversion rates.

What to bear in mind

The term ‘conversion’ can be slightly ambiguous, and varies according to…

There are already some excellent recaps of April’s BrightonSEO, as well as some great articles inspired on talks which I think you should read. So, this isn’t yet another list with the presentations.

I felt this edition of BrightonSEO felt slightly different. That on site creche seemed like a great idea for parents to attend. Even the programme had an element of inclusiveness, which made it feel better than usual.

Each of the talks I attended or seen later have added some more to my knowledge, but some also reassured or inspired me. I wanted to mention some of my…

Online lead or demand generation is a key process in today’s customer acquisition strategy. Part of what we call inbound methodology, it’s the process of identifying and converting those visitors who have already expressed an interest in your products and services into customers.

The graphic below is a simplified explanation of the process:

This isn’t new at all.

We usually start our careers from scratch, doing a bit of everything, then we may specialise in a line of work and advance our careers until we get to C level or similar roles. Senior execs need to go broader in their remit to be able to make decisions that affect several specialisms — but they also lose touch with the specialism they once had.

As a SEO, there was a long time when I didn’t want to do anything else, and having to manage other channels was not as appealing to me. Data-driven SEO…

Over the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work in a variety of companies, teams and different specialisms, where I needed to apply both technical and soft marketing skills. Whilst I could write about how I’ve built websites, planned e-commerce campaigns or measured digital activity, I feel there is another key topic that I’ve only sometimes come across online: working together.

I have recently spoken about this at a networking gathering to an audience of marketers, PR pros, product managers, CTOs and developers. It sparked an honest debate with recommendations, which I am going to summarise here.

Your own experience…

For newbies and not so newbies

Going to a conference requires some planning to avoid disappointment. Doing some prep the first time I attended BrightonSEO helped me to understand what could be worth my while, as it can be truly daunting for those who have not been to many professional gatherings.

At BrightonSEO, there are many different conference sessions, informal gatherings, loads of people coming from UK and abroad. Plus the location could be far away from you. I’ve been to quite a few conferences and gatherings over the years, and even spoke at some of them. So, I thought I could help you newbies maximise…

I have recently had the most amazing and inspiring music experience outside a concert venue. The Rolling Stones’ Exhibitionism is one of the most exciting exhibitions I have been to recently, showing their story, music and some of the relevant personal aspects that have influenced their public image as a band. It took me 3 hours to reach the exit, and I would still have done it again.

While I was at the exhibition, I couldn’t help thinking how well they have been running their business over time. Other bands such as Iron Maiden are also worth looking at for…

As in all disciplines, some skills are more useful than others when it comes to get something done. While planning ahead for 2016 at the beginning of the year, I thought it might be useful to see what skills other people working in digital may consider important or useful.

I ran a poll on Twitter, where I included the technical skills I thought were the most obvious to test how obvious they really are, as well as some ‘soft’ skills. I also limited the number of options to make it quick to answer. …

For the past few months, I’ve been exploring the role that e-commerce and retail can play in the charity sector. I wanted to see if today’s rampant consumerist values can be challenged to benefit people in need using today’s tools. What follows are just some thoughts around this.

I have found that it can benefit organisations in different ways.

We are offering the chance to buy virtual products, which may surprise some in the commercial sector. The items on sale on most online stores today will satisfy customers and offer them the reward of personal satisfaction when they receive or…

I believe that digital marketing outputs are a combination of creativity and technology. The way I see it, one cannot exist without the other in digital.

I don’t mean art as in decorative arts. Let’s go back to the 1990’s, when many of us first learnt about this ability to publish content on the internet. We didn’t know how to use it nor what to use for, much like TV in 1950’s — a box with images and sound? …

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